Every girl dream about getting a better skin, a better body... and of course a BEAUTIFUL
HAIR! But the question is.. HOW TO?!!

Okay, is not that complex as you should be thinking right now.. It's actually simple! But it requires you to be patient and persistent.
So here we go!

( grandma's tricks!) 
It's all about your eating habits. Yes, I know you already heard about it, but let's be honest > We use to understimate the power of food.

+The more vegetables and fruits we ingest, the healthier & longer it gets!
Why? Because your body needs proteins, complex carbohydrates, healthy fat, vitamines y minerals to grow.
Actually, vegetables like spinach, chard, collards and cabbage,red pepper or fruits like grapes, avocado or tomatoes promote hair growth

+Diseases, extreme dieting or bad eating habits can promote hair loss.  

Why? Because your body prioritizes nutrients to vital organs and systems, it means all the most important vitamin and minerals  go mainly there. Meanwhile hair follicles and fingernails get leftover nutrients. 

Brush your hair every day
It helps you to activate circulation and relax the capillary surfaces.

Hot water hurt our scalp, making the hair look dry and dull.
Cold water, seals the hair cuticle which makes your
hair much brighter and silky. It even accelerate hair growth.
*If the hair is wet, we should not twist or comb.

Trim the ends of your hair from time to time.

Never miss using shampoo with aconditioner!  This really revitalizes & moisturizes it!
+I tend to change my shampoo and conditioners every month, at this point I found out that my hair shines not only more but it gets really stronger.
*Dont forget not to wash your hair everyday, otherwise you'd turn it weak & dry.

Personally Im a organic products lover! And Ive been checking lately organic things for it.
So I made a wishlist of hair products that I will be trying in the coming months.


and dont forget the best way to get a beautiful and silky hair comes from your mind & within!

What are your favorite hair products?
Do you know other great tips to get not only a healthy but silky and shinny hair?


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