Busy weeks.... Busy weeks!
But I came today to show you guys a pretty funny and #glamorous tutorial!

So... Let's start!
Sparkling nails... Not only girly but classy. (Personally I love sparkles & lights ) so if you feel or think like me, you definitely should try this!

*Nail polishes (any color is allowed, it's up to you)
*Sparkles (use your favorite color )
*Nail drier
*Polish remover (to remove messy parts)


#1 As you  can see in the picture, it's pretty simple to do. I'd recommend you to do it at least twice to make it look more vibrant ɞɞ

 #2 Once you end to fill the nails with sparkles use nail drier to seal it onto'em. You'll notice how stylish it's going to look!

*Dont forget to repeat the process in every nail.

                          The final look!!  

 Two of my favorite things combined into 1! Sparkles & nail art♡

 Do you liked this tutorial? Would you try it? 

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