Hi dolls!
Im finally back to leave a review that I wanted to upload many days ago *sadly had no time enough.
But Im here to talk about the 3CE Shimmer Stick .

First of all... What Shimmer Stick it's about?
Well, it's a stick highlighter which  make your face looks younger & more glamorous thanks to the fine glitters it owns.  

I'm not a MUA, but since I found these shimmers... I'm turning pretty addicted to them. ;;
Because you can use it for everything you can imagine!! I apply it mostly in my eyes because is the part I like to emphasyze the most.
Now talking about 3CE Shimmer Stick

I chose the PEACH COLOR which is really nice for my skin tone. More or less pink to brown tone but lighter.

I have to say that I was pretty impresed with the texture, it's really fine and it also gives you a soft glowing effect after applying, Another plus: it makes your face looks brighter & more moisturised. isn't it perfect?

*The texture is not too oily but it's creamy.  (If you have dry skin, make sure you apply it before your foundation or bb cream).  

This shimmer does a great job highlighting the C-line, so you can get easily a heart shaped face.
+It doesn't take too much to get dry, so it's perfect

You can use it as lip product, eye shadow, bronzer, or blush! So it's a pretty functional product to carry on your bag, or even in your pocket!

Really soft and easy to apply.
 Looks very natural.
Stays on your skin for a while. 
Not too cheap, but worth it.
I'd purchase again.

Hope that you had enjoyed reading this post.
Feel free to ask me questions anytime!

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