Today I got a great new! Beautysis Co. it's officially member of  etailPR Blogger Network !!!

But what is EtailPR Blogger Network about?
From the owners Emily&Kim:
''etailPR were working with a number of fashion brands who wanted to work with bloggers. As this number of brands grew, we started to realize that bloggers were being bombarded with emails asking them whether they’d like to receive samples or post about the brand. We thought it would be much easier for bloggers to have one system to arrange these samples and posts, so the framework of the network was created.
Bloggers can request to work with brands through the network, then if approved onto the campaigns they can request samples. The network also gives bloggers somewhere to input their completed posts, so minimizes the number of emails needed between brand and blogger! With a number of brands on the network, this allows bloggers to keep an eye on their arranged posts all in one place!''
 As you can see for us it represents such a big oportunity to grow as a blog and bloggers as well! 
This project is starting and for us this is a great way to do it! So it's time to work, hard work :)

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